This is a forwarding service for sys-screenuploader.

sys-screenuploader is a sysmodule which monitors /Nintendo/Album directory on your SD card for new files and uploads them to this website for further processing.

Implemented forwarding modules

Feel free to request new modules and send other feature requests/proposals/bugreports (contacts below)


Download latest and extract it to SD card root.

SX OS users: move 42000062616B6101 directory from /atmosphere/contents to /sxos/titles

Signup on this website, create a destination and put its ID (visible on the destination list page) to /config/sys-screenuploader/config.ini under destinations section (you may replace default destination value or create a new one and set default_destination value under the server section to its name)

Default configuration uploads captures to the #default-destination channel on this project's Discord server (link below)

If you want to use different destinations for some titles, add values under title_settings section following the example

Configuration UI is TBD

For logs see /config/sys-screenuploader/screenuploader.log

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